Our Work In Treasure Beach

Treasure Beach is located on the south coast of Jamaica, in St. Elizabeth Parish. Due to its rural location, children can face geographical and financial limitations finding adequate school supplies. After traveling to Jamaica for several years, we heard many stories from people who struggled to buy their children school supplies. We also heard from adults that struggled themselves as children because they lacked school supplies. There is also a lack of school supplies in local shops, and some supplies are not available at all. We knew we could help by bringing school supplies to the children in Treasure Beach.

We started in 2016, and collected over 100lbs of school supplies. Thanks to our great volunteer staff and supporters, we have increased our deliveries of school supplies, learning aids, clothing, and hygiene supplies every year! Keep up with our progress on social media. Please consider making a donation to help us continue our work in the greater Treasure Beach area!

Schools We Help:
Beacon Learning Centre (Saturday School, All-Age) *NEW 2020*
Billy's Bay Learning Centre in Billy's Bay, Jamaica (Saturday School, All-Age)
Carisbrook Infant School in Maggotty, Jamaica (Ages 3-5)
Carisbrook Primary School in Maggotty, Jamaica (Ages 6-13)
Hopewell Primary School in Watchwell, Jamaica (Ages 6-13)
Newcombe Valley Basic and Primary School in Newcombe Valley, Jamaica (Ages 3-13)
Sandy Bank Infant (Basic) School in Calabash Bay, Jamaica (Ages 3-5)
Sandy Bank Primary School in Calabash Bay, Jamaica (Ages 6-13)
Treasure Beach Turtle Group's Learning Centre (All-Age)

School Supplies for Treasure Beach Grant Awards:
Henry Schein Cares Health Kit Outreach Grant (2018)
Days for Girls Menstrual Health Outreach Grant (2018)
Underwareness Grant (2019)
Darien Book Aid Plan Grant (2019)
United Health Care School Supply Drive Recipient (2019)

Please consider making a donation to help us continue our work in the greater Treasure Beach community!
Our Team
Katrina Dosher
Founder & President
Minneapolis, MN
Alea Lester
Vice President & Secretary
Minneapolis, MN
Christian Fite
Vice President
Minneapolis, M
Peter Dosher
Founder & Board Advisor
Minneapolis, MN
Lisa Taglia
Board Advisor
Minneapolis, MN

Tom Lester
Technology Advisor
Minneapolis, MN

Nicole Nelson
Social Media Manager
Morgantown, WV
Ginger Walker
Oklahoma City, OK